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The Field of Family Business

Clarifying the strategic advantage of familiness: 
Unbundling its dimensions and highlighting its paradoxes. (2010) Journal of Family Business Strategy 1(3)
Irava, W., & Moores, Ken.

We clarify “familiness” by identifying the dimensions of this unique family business resource in multigenerational family firms. Using data from four in-depth case studies, we provide evidence that “familiness” is comprised of human resources (reputation and experience), organisational resources (decision-making and learning), and process resources (relationships and networks). Furthermore, we demonstrate how these resource dimensions are paradoxical in nature in that each influences the family firm in both positive and negative ways. 

Family business research at a tipping point threshold (2009) Journal of Management and Organization 15(3)
Craig, J. B., Howorth, C., Moores, Ken, & Poutziouris, P.

In this paper, we report the frequency that family business research has been published by year and by discipline in top-tier journals as listed in the Journal Quality List (JQL) (Harzing 2008) to argue that family business research has reached a tipping point threshold. We suggest that the acceptance of family business research in top-tier journals is the tipping point that will enamour the field to a wider researcher audience and thereby further contribute to paradigmatic development.

Family business: A rich research repository
(2009) Journal of Management and Organization 15(3)
Craig, J. B., Moores, Ken, Howorth, C., & Poutziouris, P.

This article serves as the epilogue to the Family Business Special Issue of the Journal of Management and Organization in July 2009. Key issues raised in the special issue are highlighted; most significantly the growth and internationalisation of family business research, such that it has reached a ‘tipping point’, encouraging scholars from all disciplines to contribute to the growing body that is family business research.

Research Family Business: An interview with Danny Miller (2009) Journal of Management and Organization 15(3)
Moores, Ken.

In 2005 Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton Miller published Managing for the Long Run: Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses which together with a series of articles have had a significant impact on scholarship in the field of family business. Here we explore with Danny his motivations for entering this emergent field and seek his insights for those wanting to follow his lead into family business research. Specifically Danny answers the why, what, and how of his entry into family business research: why he was motivated to move to the field, what he found and focused on, and how he sought to make contributions to the broad areas of management and organizations from the context of family business.

Paradigms and theory building in the domain of business families.
(2009) Family Business Review, 22(2), 167-180. 
Moores, Ken

This article argues the bona fides of the study of family business as a standalone discipline. Using a widely accepted evolutionary process for the development of scientific disciplines and an established theory-building methodology, the author introduces a theoretically robust explanation of the domain of business families. Established theories widely acknowledged as having relevance to business families are meshed with the universally accepted three-circle Venn diagram-based paradigm to illustrate both the stage of the discipline in theory building terms and an evolutionary path to further develop a theory of the business family domain.

Balanced scorecards to drive the strategic planning of family firms.